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A HIT LIKE JANE, a feature film. Follow the journey!



The majority of A HIT LIKE JANE takes place in Jane’s Lower East Side apartment in the middle of the night - the time when less rules apply to life - in real time, creating a sense of urgency and danger.


Lighting will be a key element used to reflect the characters’ internal emotions, from warm incandescent light to the crackling of the old neon sign outside Jane’s window from the neighborhood bar below her apartment.


Original music, including the song “Jane,” will underscore the film. Electric guitars and drums will be used to drive and heighten the emotional undercurrent of the electricity generated between the two characters.

There will be no memory re-enactments of Jane’s and Jimmy’s past relationship. We will, however, use clips from what would have been Jimmy’s MTV music video of his hit song that reflects their toxic and emotionally charged relationship.


JANE: Jane’s the kind of girl everyone wants to hang out with and feels “cooler” being around her. Jane comes from a tumultuous background, and her fearlessness and tough exterior comes from surviving what life has thrown at her. She’s learned how to set boundaries and not take anyone’s shit. Before she met Jimmy, she was an up-and-coming musician and is formidable in her music history and knowledge.

JIMMY: Jimmy, on the other hand, well knows the art of manipulation and how to leverage his entitlement and privilege. Things came easily to him early in life. He’s built his pop star fame off the hard work and talent of other musicians, including Jane. And now that Jimmy's light is fading, he's looking for a way to revitalize his career and fame through any means necessary.


Film themes and tone are similar to Once (2007), The Way We Were (1973), and Two Lovers (2008), with an undertone of Music and Lyrics (2007), Begin Again (2013) and A Star Is Born (2018).